How can I register?

If you are a prospective student and are interested in signing up for a class you must:

  • Email Graham to find out what class may be right for you and to make sure there is space. Some things to consider when looking at classes:
    • Do you have any major physical/medical injuries that may prevent you from doing any poses?
    • Your yoga experience. 
    • Whether you've taken an Iyengar class from an Iyengar certified instructor.
    • If you are you interested in a Level I class, have you done Shoulder Stand with 3 blankets and a strap? If you are interested in a Level II class, have you done Shoulder Stand (with 3 blankets and strap) and Headstand?
  • After confirming with Graham what class is appropriate, fill out the student form and pay by credit card (at the studio only, a convenience charge applies), or mail a check (made to Iyengar Yoga Center of Raleigh) or cash. Preregistration is required for the class you are taking.